BeltSense is used on conveyance at different points of the mine operation. It is very easily retrofittable on existing conveyance and is fully scalable to any size of belt.

BeltSense can be operated in bulk, semi-bulk or particle sorting mode. Its typical use is post primary crushing prior to the mill, but it also has mill applications such as in the pebble circuit. BeltSense is also highly effective in blending operations.

BeltSense can be used sequentially and in conjunction with ShovelSense to maximise the ore concentrating impact, taking a first cut at the haul point and second further downstream. Use case evaluation by MineSense determines how much of the total value can be captured by one platform versus two and at which point in the process.

As a first stage, BeltSense can be used to create data with no changes at all to the existing operation. For actual ore sorting, a diversion mechanism is required. MineSense provides a full diversion system or can integrate into an existing diverter.