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Installed with ShovelSense creates Mine to Mill Decision Making and Control

BeltSense is typically used sequentially with ShovelSense to maximize ore and waste control and downstream processing through precise measurement at additional locations on downstream conveyors. It is easily retrofittable on existing conveyors and is fully scalable to any size of belt, at any speed or throughput. To optimize downstream processes, BeltSense is installed post-primary crushing prior to the mill, in the pebble circuit or on the feed to the SAG. BeltSense is also highly effective in blending operations to ensure product control throughput. When used for process control or blending knowledge purposes, BeltSense creates data with no changes at all to the existing operational equipment, requiring only DCS API integration.


Supplements ShovelSense at the Face Data with downstream Mine to Mill Precision Data

BeltSense uses all the same core technology – hardware, software and algorithms - as ShovelSense. Ore body knowledge and machine learning algorithms can be connected seamlessly from one to the other, making BeltSense the only conveyance option that integrates with at-the-face measurement.

BeltSense scans the mineral content of the conveyor to assess the grade and ore characteristics of the material independent of belt-speed or throughput. Using an integrated data model with ShovelSense, this data is fed to the DCS through an API in real-time, enabling downstream process control of reagents and water, optimization of energy use and product control.