MineSense Data Portal

The MineSense Data Portal features an all-new digital platform that unlocks real-time insights from ShovelSense® and BeltSense® for unparalleled mine-to-mill material tracking.


MineSense: Leading a new era of smart mining

MineSense is leading a new era of smart mining with its internationally acclaimed, ShovelSense® smart shovel that characterizes ore in every bucket, enhances orebody knowledge, and enables automated ore sorting at extraction to greatly increase profitability and sustainability.

MineSense opens historic new regional headquarters in Santiago, Chile

We invite you to learn more about the new regional headquarters of MineSense Technologies Ltd., located in Santiago, Chile, which will serve the entire South American mining market. From there, the company will seek to expand the demand for ShovelSense sensors, which are placed on the upper flange of the bucket of the loading shovel, measure the grade ore in real-time, and increase productivity on the face mine.

MineSense helps mines boost profitability while reducing their environmental footprint

2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export One to Watch.

MineSense: Liderando una nueva era de la minería inteligente

MineSense es pionera en soluciones de minería digital, suministrando clasificación de mineral en tiempo real basada en sensores para minas. Nuestra solución distintiva es ShovelSense®, un sensor sólido instalado en equipos de minería para escanear y medir el grado del material en cada pala. La mayor visibilidad en tiempo real de su cuerpo de mineral proporcionada por ShovelSense®, impulsa mejoras en la eficiencia, rentabilidad y sustentabilidad de su mina.

MineSense Technologies crece dentro del mercado sudamericano

Te invitamos a conocer más detalles de la nueva sede regional de MineSense Technologies Ltda., ubicada en Santiago de Chile, y que atenderá a todo el mercado minero sudamericano. Desde allí, la compañía buscará ampliar la demanda de los sensores ShovelSense, que se colocan en la pestaña superior del balde (cucharón) de la pala de carguío, miden la ley del mineral en tiempo real, y con ello aumentan la productividad en el frente de extracción.


The Power of Ore Data Visibility at mine’s extraction face

Our ShovelSense system provides valuable, higher resolution data than regular mine production block models by measuring grade at the bucket scale, rather than the block scale.

Real-time access to higher-resolution information earlier in the mining process allows for informed decisions about directing material based on grade to the mill, stockpile or waste. Timely re-routing of mined material means no production delays or additional hauling requirements.

  • Only location to extract valuable ore from designated waste
  • Significantly increased capability to navigate accurately around complex geological contact zones
  • Allows closer tracking and planning of mill feed characteristics for mill recovery optimization
  • Enables more accurate long-term mine planning and reconciliation
  • Fully integrated with the Fleet Management Systems (FMS) for automatic decision-making with no disruption to existing operations
  • Improved visibility and designation capabilities in handling stockpiles


In 2017, MineSense partnered with Teck Resources for the first full-scale trial of the bucket-mounted ShovelSense technology at the Highland Valley Copper mine in British Columbia.

Following this successful groundbreaking trial, ShovelSense has been deployed in a growing list of global mining operations, including some of the world's largest copper mines in Latin America.

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