Mine-Mill Value Modelling

Our Mining Solutions Specialist Team is comprised of geologists, mining engineers, and metallurgists who integrate their specialist knowledge to each mine’s ore body and operations to find the Use Cases that provide Value to the mine. This may include ShovelSense at the Extraction Face and Reclaim Stockpiles, as well as BeltSense feeding downstream operations. Reported data, as well as current mine data and operational details including deleterious elements, secondary metals, blending, and campaigning, are included in the Value Model that is created and shared with our Customers

Field Support Services

For any installation, our Field Services Team provides live and/or virtual installation guidance for MineSense hardware Application Packages and supporting control and data hardware. This support includes FMS integration, as well to enable automated truck routing.

Customer Data Portal

Real-Time and Aggregated Data Empower Mine Decisions
The Customer Portal is a secure and interactive reporting tool that provides access to operational and material classification (e.g., grade) data produced by ShovelSense.

The Data Portal provides customers with:

Real-time, near real-time, and historical information related to grades, dig location, and bucket fill profiles.
Condition monitoring insights, machine operating information, and spare part inventory management
Interactive reporting features for more in-depth data analysis, which may include the number of truck diversions and/or value created per time period.
Current operating status of ShovelSense System and key system components

Data Centre Support

24/7 Technical and Monitoring Support of Customer Portal = Immediate Actions

  • MineSense integrates our Customer Data Portal with 24/7 technical support and monitoring in a centralized Data Monitoring Centre
  • Our team of geologists, mining engineers, data scientists, software engineers, and metallurgists,monitor real-time system performance, enabling diagnostic messages to be immediately acted upon with mine site teams.
  • MineSense live monitoring also provides immediate communications with the site of ShovelSense operational highlights/data discoveries