How to Make the Most of Your Orebody
July 21, 2022
MineSense continues growth trajectory with new South America HQ in Chile
October 6, 2022

The system called Shovelsense, unique in the world, consists of sensors that are installed on the loading shovel, analyze the rock in real time and send the average grade data from the caex to the dispatch center. The Canadian firm recently opened its regional headquarters in Santiago.

Mining companies in Peru and Chile are successfully applying a revolutionary artificial intelligence solution that detects and characterizes minerals in real time at the mine front.

This is ShovelSense, a system created by the Canadian company Mine-Sense Technologies. This is made up of sensors based on X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), which are placed on the upper flange of the bucket of the loading shovels, and which withstand extreme physical and climatic conditions; along with proprietary algorithm software
that collects, analyzes and sends the processed data to the dispatch center.

Contribution to sustainability

“With this solution, unique in the world, we seek to contribute to the sustainability of the sector, increase productivity, and contribute to Digital Mining,” says Jeff More, CEO of the firm. The executive highlights that “with an unsurpassed precision in the estimation of minerals in real time, ShovelSense guarantees mining significant economic benefits, derived from the increase in the head grade, the decrease in the use of inputs typical of mineral processing such as energy, water and chemical products, thus achieving greater operational efficiency”.

More argues that the immediate visibility of the average ore grade at the mine face is one of the disruptive elements of the technology. “With the analysis in the extraction process, it is possible to recover mineral from ballast and ballast from mineral, which avoids major impacts on the environment, and with what we contribute to sustainability,” he adds.



Mineras de Perú y Chile están aplicando exitosa-mente una revolucionaria solución con inteligencia artifi cial que detecta y caracteriza minerales en tiempo real en el frente de mina.

Se trata de ShovelSense, sistema creado por la em-presa canadiense Mine-Sense Technologies. Éste se compone de sensores basados en Fluorescencia de Rayos X (XRF), que se colocan en la pestaña superior del balde de las palas de carguío, y que soportan condiciones físicas y climáticas extremas; junto con un software de algoritmos patentados
que recoge, analiza y envía los datos procesados al centro de despacho.

Aporte a la sostenibilidad

“Con esta solución, única en el mundo, buscamos aportar a la sostenibilidad del sector, aumentar la productividad, y contribuir con la Minería Digital”, señala Jeff More, CEO de la firma. El ejecutivo destaca que “con una precisión insuperable en la estimación de minerales en tiempo real, ShovelSense garantiza a la minería significativos beneficios económicos, derivados del aumento de la ley de cabeza, la disminución del uso de insumos propios del procesamiento de mineral como energía, agua y productos químicos, logrando de esta forma una mayor eficiencia operativa”.

More sostiene que la visibilidad inmediata de la ley media del mineral en el frente de mina es uno de los elementos disruptivos de la tecnología. “Con el análisis en el proceso de extracción se puede recuperar mineral del lastre y lastre del mineral, lo que evita mayores impactos en el medio ambiente, y con lo que aportamos a la sostenibilidad”, agrega.


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