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MineSense Digital Platform

Our cloud-hosted data/digital platform provides the foundation for services.  It enables “field to cloud” data ingestion, automated processing, and storage of both structured and unstructured data, and provides a data-rich platform for machine learning and geostatistics.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Provides foundational digital infrastructure for data collection, integration, analysis, and reporting
  • Enables comprehensive data analysis, machine learning, and system monitoring
  • Facilitates collection of real-time ore body knowledge for immediate ore-sorting decisions, as well as data aggregation over time across all systems on site for trend analysis, mine plan optimization, and reconciliations.

Power of Ore Data Visibility

Client Benefits:

  • All historic ShovelSense data is carefully managed and securely stored for your ongoing access and analysis
  • Your data is encrypted, backed up regularly, and protected by strictly enforced Data Governance policies
  • MineSense clients do not have to worry about managing the vast amounts of high-resolution data generated by ShovelSense