MineSense Technologies inaugura Sede Regional Sudamérica en Santiago de Chile
February 7, 2023
Canadian Critical Minerals Enters Into Ore Characterization and Sorting Trial with MineSense Technologies Ltd.
March 31, 2023

The concepts behind pre-concentration and ore sorting are not new; they have existed for decades and been applied in various guises – and with varying success rates – across the commodity space.

The true capabilities of these technologies are only now being understood though, as the evolving digital ecosystem continues to break down the silo mentality that has kept the pit away from the plant, and the datasets coming off these units point towards trends that can make a difference up- and down-stream of where they are installed.

The realisation of the technology’s capabilities when embedded into sophisticated digital platforms is spurring adoption and interest at a
relentless pace.

These same users are convinced the solutions can not only reduce their operating costs and boost output, but also allow them to continue operating on a sustainable footing with reduced energy and water consumption.

One of the most comprehensive ore sorting reports compiled by IM yet, the latest article sees Daniel Gleeson speak to all the major players in the space for this annual feature.


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