Working at MineSense

Change the mining industry

Our technology is dramatically improving the sustainability of mining.

We are building a strong, motivated team of people who seek purpose and passion in their careers, and want to work alongside people they enjoy and respect. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference and you don’t shy away from a challenge, MineSense might be the place for you!

Love your workplace

We understand the importance of taking care of our employees so that they can take care of our company.

That’s why we offer excellent benefits, such as paying 100% of your health and medical benefits. Most importantly, we listen to the needs of our team. As we grow and build success, we look forward to working together to make MineSense a company we are all proud to be a part of.

Build your career

What happens when you mix a diverse group of very smart people with exceptional educations and experience in a collaborative workplace? Our environment catalyzes everyone’s learning and growth, which spawns creative and new ideas.

We all win; we all have fun.

Where do you fit in?

Life @MineSense